1. Ice

  2. Who Stayed Down

  3. Take Flight

  4. Keep It Real With My Fans

  5. Motion Picture Wit Me

  6. My Passion
    Topdre FT Ace 6oogiee

  7. Big Views
    Jus Don

  8. Price
    Young Savvy Ft Ace 6oogiee

  9. Come Up With The Move
    Topdre Ft Hotrod

  10. Like That
    Badd Taz

  11. Y U Mad Tho
    Brooklyn Perry

  12. Im Up On It
    Topdre ft Hotrod

  13. Way Up
    Moolah Jeston Ft Hotrod

  14. 007
    Topdre Ft Blood Money

  15. Fast
    Topdre ft Hotrod & Moolah Jetson & Sackright

  16. Keep My Head Up

  17. Lets Turn It Up
    Eddie Ray

  18. Higher Wave

  19. Went Global
    Topdre Ft Hotrod

  20. Keep My Head Up

  21. Bag it up
    Topdre Hotrod

  22. Dame el toto

  23. On The Way To The Money
    I Am Hoppo Ft Topdre

  24. Weekend
    Ria Sky

  25. Summer 18
    Topdre Ft AweSoBeautifull

  26. Summer 18

  27. Move To Miami

  28. All Dat
    Topdre Ft Hotrod

  29. Up All Night

  30. Bruce Lee Kick It
    Topdre Ft Hotrod

  31. Counted Me Out
    Topdre Ft Suave

  32. Purple Drank

  33. Run Up Them Faces

  34. She Badd
    G - Unit Capo FT Livorachie

  35. SYTR
    Chartt FT Torry

  36. Outta Here
    Topdre Ft Hotrod

  37. All I Want For Christmas

  38. Now Or Later
    Young Fletcher

  39. Made It
    Topdre Ft Hotrod

  40. Push Button
    Suave Ft Topdre

  41. Go Hard For This

  42. Let's Party
    Berry Goodz

  43. My Life A Movie

  44. Sippin Syrup
    Suave Ft 21 One One - Sippin

  45. Turning Up

  46. Getting It In
    Yung Prezdent ft Topdre

  47. Slidin
    Ace 6oogiee Ft Wizzal

  48. Up All Night

  49. Plugged In 2
    Hotrod Ft Topdre

  50. Legend
    Topdre Ft Sackright

  51. Only If My Heart Can Do More

  52. Applying Pressure

  53. Groupie
    Topdre Ft Hotrod

  54. Hotrod Ft Topdre Grinding All Day

  55. No Sleep
    Marleyy Gee Ft Topdre

  56. Topdre Drake Type beat threee
    Drum Majors ATL

  57. Bag Rite

  58. Energy

  59. Double Tree
    Ace Boogiee Ft Jus Don

  60. Stay Focused
    TopDre Ft Suave

  61. Expensive Taste

  62. Stay Tru
    Marleyy Gee Ft Hotrod, TopDre

  63. Paper chasing junkies
    TopDre Ft Suave

  64. Gin & Juice 2014


Drum Majors ATL LLC Atlanta, Georgia

Drum Majors ATL, producers extraordinaire, comes in three forms to change Music.

Resume Consist of Yung L.a ( Grand Hustle ) , So Icey Ent, Rich Kids, Brick Squad, Zaytoven ( Grand Hustle ) , Young Fletcher, 112, O.J Da Juice man, Rich Boy, Juelz Santana label Skull gang & Many More

The talent of Drum Majors ATL is comprised of Dre, Suave ,Merk mizzle.
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